Who Are We

The Technical Office “Tsousis and Associates” has been actively working since 1996 in the field of construction installations with much emphasis on research and ample experience in the construction of residences, tourist accommodations, commercial centers and industrial buildings. Our Headquarters is located in Volos, and comprises a remarkable group of architects, engineers, economists, planners and technicians that work collaboratively to achieve our goals. The detailed planning, constant monitoring of projects and the continual updating of our customers needs, ensure the quality of work, as well as our professionalism in adhering to the scheduled time and projected costs.

What we do

With the belief that we build "for you & with you" and at the same time abiding by our principles with respect to the environment, the safety and health of our co-workers and with compliance to the rules of Art and Science we always guarantee the best results.

We document the planning and manufacturing, with detailed and complete drawings, technical descriptions, and programs for quality control of the works. On site surveys confirm the accuracy of the designed plans. We adhere to the technical specifications, timeframes and costs in carrying out the projects we undertake.

Our Goal

We want to be a Technical Office that not only meets the needs of every project but exceeds them. We want our personnel to work, develop, and progress in a pleasant, healthy and safe environment in order to create strong working relationships and prospects. We want to be unique with the intention that our customers and suppliers recommend us for our quality, consistency and cost of work. In short we want to tell everyone that our Technical Office TSOUSIS and Associates does its job professionally.